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中南大学校企联合企业 | 国家城市矿产示范企业
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Dedicated to becoming a high-end brand in the precision casting industry
Committed to become a High-end Brand in precision casting Industry
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  • Not resistant to high temperatures, not resistant to corrosion, easy to deform
  • Product accuracy is not up to standard
  • Poor surface finish
  • Materials are restricted
  • Inefficient production
  • Processing is not qualified
  • Unsatisfactory after-sales service
Professional Customized Zone - National "City Minerals" Demonstration Base
24 hours of product technical support and after-sales service
Liqiang Machinery Four Advantages
Li Qiang Mechanics FOUR major advantages
Provide high-standard, high-specification, custom-made precision manufacturing solutions
Big brand, peace of mind
  • The quality assurance system has passed ISO9001:2015 certification, and there are more than 20 patents granted and pending.
  • National "Urban Minerals" Demonstration Base | Hubei Province Certified Enterprise Technology Center | National High-tech Enterprise | Contract-Respecting and Credit-Reliable Enterprise | Civilized and Honest Demonstration Enterprise
Strong company strength
  • The company has a total investment of 153 million yuan, covers an area of 61 acres, and has an existing construction area of over 20,000 square meters.
  • There are 106 high-quality employees and nearly 70 high-end technical talents, including 21 senior technical personnel. In August 2018, they passed the certification of intellectual property rights and owned their own brands and independent intellectual property rights.
Brand Partner Customer
  • Customized according to customer drawings and samples processing
  • China Shipbuilding Industry | China Weapon | China Nuclear Power Corporation | Huawei | Camel Battery
High quality pre-sales and after-sales service
  • Free proofing, unqualified product package return
  • Track and monitor the execution of orders and production schedules, supervise and control the transportation process, and timely communicate and solve temporary problems. After receiving the customer service request, give the solution within 24 hours until you are satisfied
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Liqiang Machinery
Liqiang Machinery - National High-tech Enterprise
Established in 2010, Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd. , is located in wudang city of tangshan area the famous historical and cultural city of hubei province and guchenng economic development zone. Xiangyang liqiang machinery co., LTD is a national city mineral demonstration enterprise and high-tech enterprise in hubei province. The technology enterprise has established the enterprise technology center recognized by Hubei Province. The company was successfully listed on the technology board of Wuhan Equity Custody Center in December 2016, with the equity code S00793. The company has a total investment of 153 million yuan, covering an area of 61 mu, and the existing construction area is more than 20,000 square meters. There are 106 high-quality employees, including 21 senior technical personnel, mainly engaged in precision casting and machining of stainless steel and alloy steel. Metallurgy, mineral processing, casting, environmental protection and other mechanical equipment manufacturing; distribution of metallurgy, mineral processing, casting and other mechanical equipment and various metals, alloys, metal compounds and other materials; products are mainly used in military, high-end manufacturing and high-end civilian products.
The company is a school-enterprise joint enterprise combining production, learning and research. Central South University, Wuhan University of Technology and other universities give theoretical guidance. China Ordnance, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry and other enterprises give business and practical support. The company gathers many metallurgical products at home and abroad. Materials, casting, machinery industry experts, Germany and Taiwan import test equipment, precision casting equipment and mechanical processing equipment, high equipment configuration, quality assurance system passed ISO9001: 2015 certification, the leading domestic product quality in 2013 registered "Liqiang "Company brand and seven series of "Liqiang" product trademarks, more than 20 patents have been authorized and are being declare.
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Painting: easy and elegant, easy to clean; stainless steel: stylish, refined and fresh; chrome: bright and beautiful, durable...
When cleaning the stainless steel surface, care must be taken not to cause surface scratching, avoid using bleaching ingredients and abrasive washing liquid, steel balls, grinding tools, etc., to remove the washing liquid, and then use it at the end of washing. Clean water to rinse the surface...
From raw material cutting to part stamping, forming, die-casting, electroplating, assembly, packaging, and shipping, all in one place in the factory...


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