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1Extensive industry experience

Over the past ten years, the accumulated construction area has exceeded 1 million square meters, and has accumulated a wealth of construction experience and technical precipitation.

2 German construction technology

Caitu is equipped with the most top-level paving equipment and introduces German construction technology with a professional construction team.

3 Rigorous test system

Caitu has undergone professional testing in every link from raw material production to construction, and the problems immediately appear to be corrected to prevent inferior projects.

4 Sufficient capacity guarantee

Caitu has advanced raw material production equipment with an annual production capacity of over 10,000 tons to ensure that the construction period is not delayed.

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Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the economic development zone of Gucheng County, Hubei Province, a national urban mineral demonstration base between the historical and cultural city of Xiangyang and Checheng Shiyan. The company has a total investment of 40 million yuan, covers an area of ​​61 acres, and a building area of ​​over 20,000 square meters. It currently has 106 high-quality employees, including 21 senior technical personnel, mainly engaged in stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, carbon steel, and special purposes. Precision casting and machining of steel and high temperature alloy steel, machining, research and development, and marketing of molds and mechanical parts. The company is a school-enterprise joint enterprise that cooperates with Central South University. It brings together experts in metallurgy, casting, materials and machinery from many universities at home and abroad. It imports testing equipment, precision casting equipment and machining equipment from Germany and Taiwan. The quality assurance system has passed ISO9001. : 2000 certification, can provide high-quality products and the most complete service in the industry according to customer needs. The company specializes in high-end products in the industry and exports to developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States ...

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