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Medium-temperature wax casting
Medium-temperature wax casting

       Medium-temperature wax casting physical properties: mainly rosin wax-based molding and filling compound , melting point 70-100 degrees Celsius, mainly used for castings of high size and surface requirements, generally formed for stainless steel and medium and high alloy steel . Dewax with steam or microwave. Wax can be reused. The difference in temperature between medium temperature wax precision casting and low oxygen casting is as follows: medium temperature wax precision casting is matched with silica sol shelling process, while low oxygen 0.77d1 wax is generally matched with water glass shelling process. Medium temperature wax precision casting shrinkage low temperature wax is more because low temperature wax paste contains water vapor.

      medium temperature wax casting below temperature The wax is dimensionally stable and expensive. Medium temperature wax precision casting wax treatment is different, medium temperature wax dehydration purification, low oxygen temperature wax is to remove saponification reaction. An important feature of investment casting compared to other casting methods is the use of a fusible mold to make the housing. A mold is required each time the outer casing is manufactured. A necessary prerequisite for obtaining high dimensional precision and surface finish high quality castings is an investment with dimensional accuracy and a smooth surface. Therefore, the quality of the investment casting material will directly affect the quality of the investment casting.

       The properties of raw materials must meet the following conditions: good fluidity, good fluidity and filling properties; moderate melting point and softening point, can meet the requirements of ingredients and molding, not easy to deform; shrinkage should be controlled below 1%, otherwise it will affect the size Accuracy; strength and surface hardness should ensure that there are no damage, breakage or surface scratches during the manufacturing process; it should be ensured that the surface coating properties are sufficiently wetted with the subsequently applied refractory coating to form a uniform brush coating.

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