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Processing characteristics of stainless steel precision casting

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-18

  Stainless steel precision castingIts physical properties are higher than pig iron, but its forging characteristics are worse than pig iron. It belongs to investment precision castings or precision castings. Its melting point is relatively high, it is easy to be oxidized in the air when desolving, the liquid steel has poor circulation, and it is large to gather. The stainless steel precision castings are not only suitable for forging of various types and various aluminum alloys.

Production process characteristics of stainless steel plate precision castings:

1. BecauseStainless steel precision castingIn order to avoid the shortcomings of shrinkage porosity and casting defects in castings, most of the countermeasures such as risers, cold iron and subsidies are used in the forging process to maintain sequential condensation.

In order to avoid shrinkage porosity, casting defects, vents and cracks caused by aluminum alloy die castings, the wall thickness should be symmetrical, oblique angle and top angle structure should be prevented, wood chips are added to the metal mold casting sand, coke is added to the core, And the use of hollow cores and oil sand cores to improve the tolerance and air permeability of sand molds or cores.

2. Because of the poor circulation of desolvation, in order to avoid the cold barrier and insufficient pouring caused by stainless steel castings, the thickness of stainless steel castings should not be less than 8mm; use dry metal casting or hot metal casting; moderately increase the pouring temperature, generally 1520° ~1600°C, due to the high pouring temperature, high degree of superheat of molten steel, long time to maintain the liquid, and improved flowability. However, if the pouring temperature is too high, it will cause defects such as thick crystals, thermal cracks, vent holes and slag inclusions. Therefore, the casting temperature of general small and medium-sized, thick-walled and complicated precision castings is about the melting point temperature of steel +150℃; the construction of the pouring system software should be simple, and the cross-sectional specification should be larger than that of pig iron; large and medium-sized, thin-walled The casting temperature of the casting is higher than the melting point of about 100°C.

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