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The development trend of precision casting manufacturers' stainless steel casting market

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-27

The stainless steel precision casting industry is different from the traditional casting industry. Although my country is a powerful forging country, precision castings are still in the development trend. In recent years, my country has made every effort to promote modernization, and the level of high and new technology has continued to improve. There have already been some relatively complete methods at the level of precision castings.

From the perspective of the overall development potential of my country's foundry industry, China's forging industry chain is just beginning to develop trends in the direction of import substitution, large digital intelligent systems, green ecology, environmental protection and energy saving, high precision, and intelligent compositeness. The use of forging standard parts will become more and more common, and the technological content of forging will continue to increase.

In recent years, the production of aluminum alloy die castings in my country has increased rapidly, accounting for about 80% of the production of alloy structural steel. However, some aluminum alloy die castings cannot consider market demand due to their unqualified quality. As a result, my country still has to import a lot of tool and die steel from overseas every year. At this stage, China’s aluminum alloy die castings are over-produced. Therefore, in my country’s aluminum alloy die casting manufacturing industry, the rate of expansion of production capacity should be slowed down, and part of the driving force for expanding production capacity should be converted into a driving force for quality assurance, thereby enhancing the overall manufacturing industry. level.

In the future development prospects, the technical intersection and combination of stainless steel precision castings will become more and more significant. The development prospects of a new round of high-tech and technological revolution are not easy to depend on only one or two types of courses or a single technology. Instead, it should be a crossover and close integration of multiple courses and multiple technical fields. Therefore, precision castings of stainless steel plates need to be integrated and developed with related technologies.

The design scheme and mold processing in the wax mold making process of stainless steel precision castings are complicated and must consume a lot of time. The technicality of rapid prototyping technology can fill this defect very well. However, limited by raw materials, independent application of rapid prototyping technology technology cannot be regulated. Therefore, in recent years, many workers have first applied polymer materials technology to obtain the original shape of castings, thereby producing wax molds, and then investing funds in the application of stainless steel plate precision castings manufacturing industry.

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