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What is the development goal of stainless steel precision casting?

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-17

stainless steelPrecisionCasting as the casting industry in the high-tech industry means that stainless steel casting must give full play to its leading role and exemplary role.PrecisionThe development plan of the foundry is as follows:

1, Carry out the change in improvement methods from labor and resource labor intensive to technical capital intensive, from extensive environmental pollution to emerald green intensive change, the quality, type, total number of products and the global excellent level are very high, high quality The proportion of raw materials has increased rapidly.

2. Produce a number of product R&D education and training centers with reasonable configuration and high overall level of technology transfer and integration, which can continue to transport compound talents to the company, and continue to develop and design high-quality, high-end forging raw materials.

The key to the overall goal of the development trend of stainless steel casting is the one shared by everyone above. Now everyone should have a better grasp of stainless steel casting.The practical application of stainless steel casting is considered necessary for everyone.

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