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Stainless steel precision casting process and casting equipment

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Precision casting is our company's main business, so we are required to learn it, be familiar with the relevant knowledge content, and fully understand it. So, let us expand the specific content and divide it into several parts. This can make the sentence more rational, easier to grasp the following content, you can learn, you can use it practically. Good luck.

1. What is the precision casting process?

The main steps of the precision casting process are as follows: wax-wax repair-wax inspection-group wood-shell-dewaxing-mould shell roasting-chemical analysis-casting-vibration shelling-casting and injection port cutting separation-rolling mill gate-preliminary inspection-polishing Pill cleanup-processing

What equipment is needed for precision casting?

Answer: The equipment used in precision casting generally includes waxing machine, adverb machine, dewaxing machine, dehumidifier, rectifier, impact nutshell machine, grinder, jet machine, heat treatment furnace, grinder, etc., which are not listed here. Other equipment is also available.

What is the general classification of precision casting?

Answer: There are generally two classifications of precision casting.

Ceramic casting: a casting method that uses ceramic slurry to make molds and then produce castings. The service life of the mold is basically the same as that of the processing mold, and the manufacturing cost is relatively low.

Sand casting: The main advantages are simple production process, short production cycle and low cost. However, other casting methods should be selected because of higher requirements for casting accuracy and surface finish.

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