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Selection of cold iron materials for stainless steel precision casting

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-08-04

To increase the local cooling rate of stainless steel precision casting castings, The chilled material placed inside the die and on the surface during work is called cold iron. In the production of stainless steel plate precision castings, cold iron, pouring system software and gates are often used in conjunction with each other to manipulate the entire process of castings to obtain standard castings.

The selection of cold iron raw materials for precision castings of stainless steel plates can make many raw materials for cold iron, but all metal materials and non-metal materials with higher thermal conductivity and heat storage index than sand mold materials can be used. Common cold iron raw materials in production include pig iron, aluminum alloy profiles, high-purity graphite and alloy copper. Pig iron cold iron has a large heat storage index, can digest and absorb more heat, and has a strong chilling ability. Stainless steel precision castings, pig iron, and cold iron are easy to make and low in cost. They are widely used in the production of aluminum alloy profiles and die-cast aluminum precision castings.

When all of us are selecting cold iron raw materials for precision castings of stainless steel plates, we should all carry out the selection in an appropriate way. It is necessary for us to choose a suitable forging method for everyone.

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