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Precision casting manufacturers teach you how to operate

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Let's analyze the status quo of sand mold precision castings. Many manufacturers that produce stones should give full play to their advantages to choose solid models and core-making methods with excellent professionalism. The production line of the old vibrating or vibrating model machine is insufficient, the staff's human resources are large, and the noise is loud. Without many manufacturing requirements, it should be upgraded and transformed gradually. For large, medium and small cast iron parts, you can choose the horizontal or vertical disease diagnosis of the boxless high pressure forming machine production line. The solid product design has high production and manufacturing expertise and small footprint. In the middle part, you can choose various production lines of box-type high pressure forming machines and steam destructive forming production lines. According to the requirements of rapid precision machining and molding production line, you can choose the core-making method: high-efficiency core-making methods such as cold core box, hot core box, shell core, and large batches of large castings can fully consider the use of epoxy resin self-hardening sand molding Core making.

Mass production of heavy cast iron parts is still an important way of manual models. The manual model can be more flexible for a variety of complex requirements subconsciously, without many professional configurations. Sodium silicate sand, VRH sand, analytical chemical ester sodium silicate sand, dry clay sand, resin sand casting, concrete sand, etc.; for single-piece heavy cast iron parts, the pit-mouth forming method has low cost and fast production. The long-split molding method is suitable for mass production or manufacturing. Although the initial investment of molds and sandbox games is relatively high, it can be paid in terms of molding work time and product quality.

Forging methods such as low-pressure casting, aluminum alloy die-casting, and squeeze casting are only suitable for production due to the relatively expensive mechanical equipment and molds.

The normative approach should be appropriate

For example, they are also a way of manufacturing large, medium and small processing center bodies and other forged products. Generally speaking, they are made of sports and fitness components, and they are not produced to produce the same appearance and sandbox games, but only composed of other manufacturers. Different companies have different product standards (including machinery and equipment, places, and employee code of conduct, etc.). ), subconscious and accumulated work experience in manufacturing. According to such specifications, we should fully consider which products are suitable and which products are not suitable (or not).

Precision requirements and cost

Different precision casting methods have different forging accuracy, and the initial investment projects and total output are also inconsistent. After all, the economic benefits are also different. Therefore, to ensure more, fast, better, and economical, we should take care of all walks of life. A basic cost estimate should be made for the selected forging method to establish a forging method that has high economic benefits and can meet the requirements for forging.

Although the development trend of my country's foundry industry is in a difficult period, in the long run, my country's precision casting manufacturing industry still has some hope. The requirements of the sales market are gradually heating up. In addition, the overall overall strength of my country's foundry industry is strong. I am sure that my country's foundry industry will definitely get gratifying test scores.

Experts and professors stated that to promote the level of forging technology from the root, simulation should be carried out at the beginning to promote the accuracy of predictions, improve process management, and increase productivity. The difficulty of regulation can be well grasped, which is not easy to hurt the productivity of mass production. Second, the combination of patent operations. In addition to improving the development trend of technological innovation mastery and development trends, the independent innovation of enterprises must also improve the "production, learning, and scientific research" of precision machining. Third, attach great importance to the development of new products with raw materials. Raw materials are the cornerstone of industrial production, and there was also a lot of work to be done at that time. In the aerospace alloy product manufacturing industry, especially in the heat-resistant alloy manufacturing industry, the scientific research of some new materials and the professional capabilities of mining plants are still improving as much as possible, and it is not enough. Fourth, attach great importance to the development trend of professional equipment. The first is the professional difficulty of machinery and equipment. Many key machinery and equipment. If the first large, medium and small machinery and equipment are to be established by the mouth, the scientific research, development and design of precision casting machinery and equipment is very critical.

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