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The main method of stainless steel precision casting mirror treatment effect

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-07-20

In the whole process of making stainless steel precision casting, the hydrochloric acid air oxide film is a key element that harms the sweetness and full transparency of the air oxide film of aluminum alloy die castings. The porosity, purity, thickness and grouting of stainless steel precision casting The quality of reinforcement will immediately affect the actual effect of the mirror glass of the casting

If there are more residues in the air oxide film in stainless steel precision casting, its purity will be low and the clarity will be reduced. The residue in the air oxide film mainly comes from the aluminum alloy die casting itself, and part of it comes from the air oxidation bath. Therefore, moderately reducing the aluminum alloy element composition in the casting can reduce the residue composition as much as possible.

The necessary machinery and equipment for the basic steps of stainless steel precision casting are: high-precision casting wax injection-wax injection machine, industrial chiller, central air conditioner; slurry-slurry bucket, floating sand machine, central air conditioner, dewaxing furnace, dehumidifier, dehumidifier Plastic buckets, static buckets, and slurry dipping can also use robotic arms and fully automated centralized wax supply system software;

Gold melting-sintering furnace, high frequency furnace, shell vibration machine; post-processing technology-straightening and cutting machine, grinding machine, automatic sandblasting machine, sand cleaning machine, heat treatment equipment, high-speed punching machine; maintenance-pneumatic grinding equipment, Argon machine, grinding machine; quality assurance-spectrum analyzer, three-dimensional these. This kind of all is more general and common, if it must be more advanced, it must also be vacuum pump casting furnace or vacuum pump heat treatment equipment or X-ray.

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