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Prevention of Porosity in Silica Sol Precision Casting and Pouring Temperature

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-07-27

The development trend of silica sol precision casting in China has long been regarded as relatively late. During the whole process of product manufacturing, it is necessary to specify a relatively high-precision processing technology, and silica sol precision casting must be improved in the basic theory and practical activities. The understanding of commodity processing technology continues to fill the basic knowledge of its technical expertise.

Silica sol precision casting is rich in its social experience. During the whole process of application, all precision casting production and manufacturing processes will be clarified, casting a more comprehensive classic classic, and foam plastic solid model during the entire process of filling. It must undergo its vaporization to dissolve, which will cause many small molecules of water vapor and foam ash.

This chemical substance is harmful to humans at a certain level. In daily affairs, the actual operation staff must strictly follow the operation guide. Whether it is the operation process or auxiliary safety protection objects, it must be followed. To carry out, the operation process must be used flexibly in the whole process of manufacturing.

Silica sol precision casting is aimed at some complicated thick-walled castings. In the whole process of application, in order to reasonably improve the air permeability of the precision machined shape design shell, it is possible to set exhaust holes at the highest point in the most likely situation. Set the pouring system software so effectively to avoid pouring air.

Silica sol precision casting appropriately increases its pouring temperature during the entire application process, minimizes the distance between the ladle nozzle and the glue inlet cup, and reduces the pouring rate reasonably, so that the metal material liquid can be filled in a stable manner.

The mold shell of silica sol precision casting must be adequately burned, and the temperature must be sufficiently high during the entire application process, so as to ensure that the precision casting shell is burnt through, so that the product's gas-producing chemicals are adequately removed and the burning is thorough The shell is milky white or light gray without black spots.

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