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Precision casting process

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Pressing wax (wax injection moulding) --- wax repair - wax inspection - group tree (wax module tree) --- shell making (first dip, sand, then paste, and finally mold

Shell air-drying) --- dewaxing (steam dewaxing) --- mould shell roasting ---chemical analysis --- pouring (pouring molten steel in the mould shell) --- vibration shelling ---

Casting and pouring rod are cut and separated----Grinding gate---Initial inspection (burr inspection)---Shot blasting-----Machining-----Polishing---Finished product inspection--- Warehousing

The casting production process is roughly like this. Generally speaking, it can be divided into pressing wax, shell making, pouring, post-processing, and inspection.

Pressing wax includes (pressing wax, repairing wax, group tree)

Wax pressing --- Use wax pressing machine to make wax molds

Repair wax---correct the wax mold

Group tree---group Lamo into tree

Shell making includes (hanging sand, hanging slurry, air drying)

Pouring includes (baking, chemical analysis, also called spectroscopy, pouring, shell shock, gate cutting, and gate grinding)

Post-processing includes (sand blasting, shot blasting, correction, pickling)

Inspection includes (wax inspection, initial inspection, intermediate inspection, finished product inspection)

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