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Precision casting cleaning scope and method

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-07-13

Remove the precision casting from the metal mold, eliminate unnecessary parts other than itself, and polish the entire process of the inner and outer surface of the cast-rolled casting.

De-coring and surface removal:

Divided into two categories, dry and wet. Dry cleaning is the use of industrial equipment to remove castings. Commonly used machinery and equipment are simple, have high productivity, have great adaptability to different types of castings, and have the advantages of being able to remove the core and remove the surface layer reasonably. The defect is that the smoke and dust, the noise is very loud, and the environment is polluted during the operation of machinery and equipment. Wet cleaning has no smoke and dust, but because of tap water as a substance, the surface of the casting is very easy to rust. During the whole work process, a lot of waste water and sand with cement were caused, which caused problems such as sand and water regeneration and sludge disposal.

Common dry and wet cleaning in manufacturing are:

①Remove by roller. Put the castings and the star iron into a ring-shaped drum together. When the drum rotates, the casting, star iron, and waste sand collide and rub each other to eliminate the sand inside and outside the casting, and polish the surface of the casting. Can partly eliminate burrs. This type of machinery and equipment can be used to remove large, medium and small castings with simpler appearance and thicker walls.

②Shot blasting to remove rust. Use the impact energy of high-speed fitness exercise steel balls, iron shots, and frosted particles to eliminate cores and slag inclusions, and polish the surface of castings. In addition, common shot blasting and rust removal machines and equipment also include shot blasting and rust removal stations and shot blasting and rust removal rooms. The shot blasting machinery used for continuous production and manufacturing includes chain-plate type shot blasting drum, rotary shot blasting cleaning table, suspension type continuous production shot blasting cleaning room, etc. The operation and maintenance costs of such machinery and equipment are relatively high.

③Sand cleaning by hydropower. The high pressure water is irradiated according to the pipeline from the spray nozzle to the casting part to be solved, and the core and casting slag inclusions are eliminated by the mechanical energy and washing effect of the flowing water. Hydroelectric power generation sand cleaning generally always has an open cleaning room composed of channel steel and thick steel plate. The bottom end is set with a rotating worktable. The spray gun is installed on the outer wall and can be moved and rotated left and right, so that the high-pressure water can irradiate the casting parts. Everything beyond the bottom edge. Sometimes in order to improve the high efficiency of eliminating slag inclusions on the surface of precision castings, wear-resistant materials such as quartz sand are introduced into the appropriate part of the spray gun to obtain a high-speed water sand flow. This type of method is generally called water sand cleaning.

④ Water explosion to clear sand. After the metal mold is poured, the casting is boxed when it is cooled to the required temperature, and it is immediately infiltrated into the reservoir. The water penetrates all the gaps into the metal mold and quickly vaporizes when it touches the high-temperature metal material and explodes. The shock wave energy Eliminate the sand foundation adhering inside and outside the casting. The water explosion sand cleaning method has the advantages of shorter working hours and high efficiency, and has been widely used in steel casting production workshops in my country. Generally used to solve simple stainless steel castings with a carbon content of 0.35%.

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