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General situation and processing difficulties of stainless steel precision casting

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Overview of stainless steel plate precision castings

The silica sol processing technology belongs to the so-called investment precision casting or precision casting. It is a forging process with little or no drilling. It is an excellent production process in the foundry industry and its application is very common. It is not only suitable for the forging of various types and various aluminum alloys, but also the precision and process performance of the castings produced are higher than other forging methods, and even other forging methods are difficult to cast. , Castings that are not convenient for production and processing can be casted by investment precision castings.

The physical properties of stainless steel plate precision castings are higher than that of pig iron. Due to the higher melting point of stainless steel plate precision castings, it is easy to be oxidized by the air. In order to avoid insufficient pouring, cold isolation, shrinkage porosity and shrinkage porosity, cracks and slag inclusions caused by stainless steel castings, etc. Disadvantages, it is necessary to adopt more complicated processing techniques than pig iron.

Problems in the production and processing of stainless steel plate precision castings:

1. The cold work hardening in the production and processing of stainless steel precision castings is more serious: the cold work hardening tends to be greater when drilling, and the CNC blades are drilled in the cold work hardening area, which reduces the service life of the CNC blades.

2. High cutting speed and high drilling temperature: This type of raw material has high compressive strength, large tangential stress and large plastic deformation during drilling, so the cutting speed is high. In addition, the heat transfer of raw materials is deviated, and the high temperature is usually concentrated in the elongated area around the cutting edge of the CNC blade, which accelerates the damage of the CNC blade.

3. The production and processing of stainless steel plate precision castings is very easy to stick to the knife: all stainless steel plates have the characteristics of tough cutting and high drilling temperature during production and processing. When tough cutting flows through the front edge, the CNC blade will be damaged and accelerated.

4. Accelerated damage of CNC blades: raw materials generally contain high melting point elements, large plastic deformation, and high drilling temperature, which accelerates the damage of CNC blades, sharpening skills and frequent tool changes, which harm productivity and increase the application cost of CNC blades. fee.

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