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What are the processing characteristics of stainless steel precision casting?

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-06-11

The physical properties of stainless steel precision casting are higher than that of pig iron, but the forging performance of pig iron is poor. It is called investment precision casting or precision casting. Stainless steel precision casting has a high melting point, easy air oxidation, poor liquid steel circulation, and large gathering. Stainless steel precision casting is not only suitable for forging of various types and various aluminum alloys.

Process characteristics of stainless steel precision casting:

1. Because the compaction of stainless steel precision casting greatly exceeds that of pig iron, in order to avoid shrinkage porosity and shrinkage porosity in castings, most of the forging processes choose countermeasures such as gate and cold iron and subsidies to complete sequential condensation.

2. Because of the poor circulation of desolventization, in order to avoid insufficient cold isolation and pouring caused by stainless steel castings, the thickness of stainless steel castings should not be less than 8 mm; use dry metal casting or hot metal casting. Increase the pouring temperature moderately, generally 1520°~1600°C. Due to the high pouring temperature, the high hydrogen pressure of the molten steel and the long time for maintaining the liquid, the flowability can be improved.

The stainless steel precision casting production process is relatively precise, and we must carry out actual operations in strict accordance with the regulations.

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