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What are the elements of medium temperature wax precision casting design?

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-06-11

Medium temperature wax precision casting should be stored and stored under temperature control, otherwise it will deform, and the temperature will be sour and soft. Generally, the storage time is no more than ten days, and many of them will do it for one month. Each product beyond one month must be inspected.

Several aspects of the medium temperature wax precision casting design plan are actually introduced in detail as follows:

First, the lost wax die forging is a precision casting processing technology. Its specifications and appearance are in a stable condition during the whole forging process, and it is not easy to cause collapse and deformation.

Second, the surface layer of the lost wax mold cast iron parts will cause the uneven surface layer produced by the ultrafine particles of the sand. This kind of surface layer cannot consider the roughness value Ra3.2 of the sample.

Third, 8-φ11mm holes and healthy grooves may not be considered in the design of warm wax precision castings. They are mainly based on the manufacturing cost of the abrasive tool and the manufacturing difficulty coefficient of the abrasive tool, as well as the high cost performance compared with the machining process. problem.

Fourth, the 65Mn raw material cast iron parts should be annealed before the drilling of mechanical equipment, and there will be no unfavorable drilling conditions due to hard bottoming of the surface.

There are many factors in the medium temperature wax precision casting design plan shared by everyone above. In the case of medium temperature wax precision casting in the design plan, we can carry out actual operations according to the above design plan.

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