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What methods can be used to repair casting defects

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Repair situation and analysis of machinery and equipment. Caster glue: It is the instinctive choice of the company to repair castings. The key features are simplicity, convenience, low price, and low demand for employees. However, this type of method is only suitable for extensive castings. Generally, post-production processing cannot be terminated at the repair site, and the separated compressive strength is very low. Such processing technology is only suitable for simple and extensive castings, or castings with low added value. With the development of the forging industry, caster glue has become less and less suitable for customers' requests.

It is true that all foundry manufacturers choose welding repair to solve the welding defects encountered in consumption. Repair welding of castings is to select welding materials that generally match the material of the castings to the metal material filler masterbatch, and then reach the basic physical performance standards requested by the pregnant mother. This requires a variety of repair welding methods; simple repair welding methods; high efficiency repair welding, low repair welding cost, low air pollution to repair welding, and simple post-processing after repair welding. Only in that way can it be recognized and trusted by the foundry. . At the current stage of the sales market, there are many types of secondary welding machines for repair welding of castings, probably in the following categories.

DC welding machine DC welding machine is a necessary machine equipment for the rolling mill. It uses two aspects of electric level to ignite the electric sol in the moment of short-circuit failure, and uses the resulting electric sol to solidify the stainless steel electrode and welding material. After cooling, they are separated. The purpose. It is a traditional welding method, which is generally common in pig iron, stainless steel castings repair welding, or some traditional electric welding welding repair welding.

Advantages: suitable for working in a boring natural environment, does not require too much request, the relative volume is small, the actual operation is simple, the application is convenient, the speed is fast, the welding is firm after electric welding, and it is suitable for large-scale repair welding. . The same metal materials (different metal materials can also be butted, but the electric welding method is different) can be connected in an instant. After the heat treatment, the compression strength is the same as the butt weld and the sealing is very good.

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