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How to carry out casting operations in stainless steel precision casting?

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-27

Stainless steel precision castingAlso called investment casting. This machining process avoids or does not carry out drilling during the whole forging process. It is a forging process with little or no drilling, and is an excellent production process in the foundry industry. The scope of its application is also very common. Not only is it suitable for forging of various types and various aluminum alloys, but also the specification precision and process performance of the produced castings are higher than other forging methods. So how do you actually operate when you develop castings? Let's take a look together below.

1. Check before work whether all machinery and equipment such as furnace wall, furnace mouth, carriage, galvanized steel wire rope pulley and blower motor are normal, and whether there are any unsafe elements such as collapse, fracture, or crack. If there are such problems, they should be properly handled before starting the furnace. Application of heating furnace quenching should carefully remove the oxide scale and metal materials on or around the heating wire.

2. When starting a fire, check the explosives in the coal carefully. During the whole process of stopping the wind, the coal roadway should not be too thick to prevent gas explosion. Elimination of slag should be solved anytime and anywhere, and the inventory should not be accumulated.

3. Before loading, unloading and handling, check whether there are obstructions on the track grooves, and whether special tools such as lifting hooks and transmission chains are reliable.

4. When loading and unloading large castings or thick-walled steel parts, be sure to lay it flat. There should be a moderate gap between the neighboring centers, and the height-to-width ratio of the vehicle should not exceed the requirements.

5. Before the announcement, the insulation bricks and refractory mud on the furnace mouth should be removed, and the cart organization should be checked whether it is powerful.

6. During the announcement and transportation, irrelevant workers are not allowed to approach both sides of the industrial rail flat car to prevent the sandbox or steel from collapsing and causing death. It is forbidden to rest or accumulate objects around the furnace wall.

7. When the working temperature is higher than 400℃, it is strictly forbidden to use transmission chain or galvanized steel wire rope for hoisting (or use heat insulation measures) to prevent cracking after quenching. When driving and hoisting work objects, follow the safety and safety operating rules for driving and hooking workers.

8. When using a gas stove, follow the liquefied gas ignition sequence: first use air compression to blow out the remaining gas in the furnace, close the air compression valve, ignite the ignition rod, slightly open the liquefied gas nozzle gate valve, adjust the gas after igniting the nozzle And the total flow of liquefied gas, so that it is fully ignited. The sequence is reversed when it is off, and disordered sequence is prohibited.

9. When baking with a cooking oil stove, the ignition sequence is: first close the intake valve, ignite the ignition rod, slightly open the accelerator pedal, adjust the gas gate valve and accelerator pedal to fully ignite after ignition, and prohibit "air pressure oil".

10. When choosing a pulverized coal-fired furnace, it is forbidden to burn the furnace when the blower motor is faulty or the pipeline has gaps.

11. When repairing the heating furnace, be sure to disconnect the main gate, put up a sign that "many people repair, it is strictly forbidden to reclose", or set up monitoring.

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