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Stainless steel precision casting wax mold repair process and matters needing attention

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-05-07

At this stage, the repair of high-precision casting wax models on the sales market can cooperate with the repair work of wax models. However, in specific applications, the long-term application of wax mold abrasives will inevitably lead to bumps and wear on the surface. The following explains the high-precision casting wax mold repair process for you.

1. The actual operation of the processing technology:

1. When repairing all kinds of high-precision casting wax molds, the wax film repair staff must first figure out which location to repair.

2. Check the wax molds for defects such as bubbling, shrinkage, deformation, etc., and immediately notify the wax shooter when problems are found to prevent large quantities of wax mold waste.

3. Mold repair: remove the residual burrs or parting lines on the wax mold, and carefully and gently trim off the burrs or parting lines with the tooth surface of the cutter head along the wax mold. For the burrs generated on both sides, cut horizontally and then vertically, not bevel, and do not damage the wax mold. Small flashes can also be wiped off with a thin cloth immediately.

Repair the depressions of the wax mold: The wax mold has large and narrow depressions. Use repair wax to repair it. The appearance after repair should be appropriate. Vapor repair: All vapor bubbles on the wax mold must be punctured and repaired with repair wax. The appearance after repair must be appropriate. Air mark repair: For polished parts and machined parts, use glycerin wax to smooth it out. Take care not to damage the wax mold itself. The repaired wax model is scraped off with a hot air gun, placed in a flat pan according to the processing technology regulations, and sent to the inspection area for inspection.

2. Common problems:

1. Are the various defects in the surface of the stainless steel precision casting wax mold finished? Are the burrs and parting lines clean?

2. In accordance with the regulations of the processing technology, carry out the inspection of specifications and appearance, and use the inspection tool of the inspection tool.

3. Carry out as required when repairing the mold, and not to damage the wax mold.

4. The repaired wax chips should be placed in the tray to maintain the operation table and place to be cleaned.

5. Make a good sign on the "mark card" immediately.

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