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What is the reason for choosing silica sol precision casting?

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-13

Silica sol is an important fine chemical product,Have different important uses:Such as alkaline silica sol in precision casting,Application in fields such as exterior wall coatings. When we all choose silica sol precision casting, we generally need to choose our suitable and satisfactory products.

Six reasons for choosing silica sol precision casting are as follows:

1.Precision casting has a wide range of applications, and is not limited by the size, thickness and shape complexity of the castings, and the production mode is convenient

2.It can use a wide range of materials, and can use a large amount of scrap metal and renewable resources. Compared with ordinary forging methods, it consumes less.

3.Castings have certain dimensional accuracy, small machining allowance, saving machining time and metal materials.

4.Low cost, good overall economic performance, low energy consumption and less consumables.

5.Investment casting has high dimensional accuracy and surface finish, which can reduce the workload of machining. Only a small amount of machining allowance is required to meet high-demand parts.

6.It is possible to cast high-temperature alloy castings, such as jet engine blades, streamlined contours and cooling chambers, which are difficult to be formed by machining technology.

We choose silica sol precision casting mainly for the above six reasons. Now everyone should know about silica sol precision casting.

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