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What is the casting method of silica sol precision casting?

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-17

Silica Sol PrecisionCastMakeUsed in the industrial production of architectural coatings, it can make the architectural coatings firm, and can be stain-resistant, anti-fouling, anti-aging, and fire-safe. There are four kinds of casting methods when everyone is making silica sol precision castings. . The following actually shares the casting method of silica sol precision casting with everyone :

1.Silica Sol PrecisionCastingIn the application, it is reasonable to promote the metal material of the hydraulic press to fill the concave mold better, copy and paste the concave mold, and improve the precision of the casting to avoid the shortcomings of vent holes and insufficient pouring.

2.Silica sol precision castings are crystals under the working pressure, and their shells should be put into the working pressure tank for casting during application. After the product is finished, the pressure tank will be closed immediately, so that the castings will condense under the working pressure. , In order to expand the relative density of castings.

3.The fixed crystals of silica sol precision castings, some investment castings such as its magnetic tiles and turbine engine leaves, etc., if their crystal structure is columnar crystals sorted according to a certain orientation,

4.Silica Sol PrecisionCastingIf you choose its thermal force casting, it is a more widely used casting method in the entire application process. After the shell is removed from the calciner, it is poured at high temperature.

When we all started casting the silica sol precision castings, we should use the appropriate actual casting method It is the key point that everyone should pay attention to, and it is very important that people manufacturers should be more skilled.

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