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Silica sol casting has a wide range of uses in the industry

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-07

Silica sol precision casting is a precision forging method. Silica sol has been widely used in the precision casting manufacturing industry. It is a dispersion liquid of silica particles in water or other organic solvents. Comparing the processing technology of silica sol porcelain-type precision castings with traditional investment precision castings, it has the characteristics of short production and manufacturing cycle time, high precision, good process performance and collapsibility, and can be used in rapid prototyping technology (RP) Close integration to quickly manufacture metal parts. Let’s introduce its main purpose below.

Silica sol forging is a key biochemical product, with different key main uses, such as the use of alkali-alkali silica sol in precision castings, interior wall coatings and other industries. Silica sol precision castings use new machinery and equipment, new technology and new technology to produce stainless steel plates, carbon steel, high temperature and wear resistant materials, ductile iron parts, aluminum alloy ductile castings, engine piston blanks and other castings. So when we carry out precision casting of silica sol, what is its main use in processing technology? The main uses of silica sol precision castings are actually introduced in detail as follows:

1. As an adhesive for various refractory insulation materials, it has strong adhesion and heat resistance (1500-1600°C).

2. Used in the coating industry, it can make architectural coatings firm, and can resist pollution, anti-aging, anti-aging, fire safety and other functions.

3. Used for thin-shell precision castings, which can make the shell type have high compressive strength and high forging smoothness.

4. Silica sol has a higher bulk density, and can be used for metal catalyst production and catalyst carrier.

5. Used in the papermaking industry, it can be used as an anti-adhesive for glass stickers, a modifier before taking photos and paper, and an anti-skid agent for plastic woven bags.

6. As a modifier of silicon steel sheet, thickener of picture tube, anti-skidding of automobile wax, etc.

7. As a cotton textile desizing agent, it is used together with an oil agent to solve the spinnability of wool fleece and rabbit hair, reduce breakage, avoid flying, increase output rate and increase economic benefits.

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