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What is the difference between silica sol precision casting and ordinary casting?

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-13

Silica sol precision castingThe collective name is to pour liquid metal material, metal material, water concrete into the forging solid model that looks the same as the part, and after the casting is cooled, people’s forged products are produced. Casting methods include sand casting, special forging, precision casting, V method forging, and precision castings in precision casting belong to special forging. Silica sol precision casting parts forged in this way do not require production processing, or can be applied in small quantities.

Silica sol precision casting, aluminum die casting. Attributable to the dullness of forging and casting, aluminum die casting is a forging method that uses working pressure. He added liquid metal materials to the forging solid model at a higher rate under high pressure. And condense under the effect of working pressure. Forging of many raw materials and various external forces, make them deform in the case of condensation.

When the silica sol precision casting is applied, it is reasonable to promote the metal material of the hydraulic press to fill the cavity better, copy and paste the cavity, and improve the precision of the casting to avoid the shortcomings of vent holes and insufficient pouring.

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