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How does medium temperature wax precision casting remove water?

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-16

The water removal work of medium temperature wax casting is very necessary. The key is epoxy resin wax. How do people generally remove water from medium temperature wax precision castings?

Dewaxing axe-filter tank-steam water purifier-in addition to plastic bucket-stationary bucket-wax injection machine, wax injection machine with high water content, wax injection machine wax storage tank bottom end can release turbid water When going out, companies have used this method for two years. This problem has only recently appeared. Now I wonder if the raw materials are not good.

The turbid colored water released from the medium-temperature wax precision castings becomes viscous after being kept still and refrigerated. After heating and boiling again, the wax material separates and appears. The medium temperature wax precision casting process is simply said to be a fusible solid model made of fusible raw materials, and several layers of specially made fire-resistant architectural coatings are coated on it. After drying and hard bottoming, an overall shell is produced. Use steam or boiling water to melt the solid model from the shell, then place the shell in the sand box, fill the surrounding with dry sand modeling design, and then put the metal mold into the calciner to undergo high temperature sintering.

Everyone must grasp the water removal work of medium temperature wax precision castings, and everyone must properly carry out the water removal work on the gate valve.

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