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Silica sol casting will surely occupy an important position in precision casting production

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-01-14

The silica sol precision casting process is known as a reform in the history of precision castings, and it is the "key way of large-scale forging for emerald green" in the 21st century, and it will eventually occupy an increasingly critical influence in precision castings.

The metal castings made by using the silica sol precision casting process have the advantages of smooth surface, precise specifications, and no flash. The processing advantages of the actual silica sol forging are as follows:

1. The made metal castings have precise specifications, high surface smoothness, strong printability, and outstanding precision casting characteristics;

2. Completely eliminate the shortcomings and waste of precision castings caused by core making and core setting;

3. The shortcomings and wastes of precision castings caused by mold taking and box closing are eliminated;

4. Completely eliminate the shortcomings and wastes of various precision castings caused by moisture, additives and adhesives;

5. The sand solution system software is greatly simplified, the sand can be reused many times, and the sand production department and waste sand solution department are cancelled;

6. Shaving sand is extremely easy, which greatly reduces the labor and efficiency of sand falling;

7. Personally acquired textile castings have no flash and burrs, which reduces the amount of cleaning, polishing and polishing labor by about 50%;

8. Effective pouring risers can be set in idealized positions, which will not be constrained by traditional elements such as clinical diagnosis and mold taking, which reduces the internal defects of textile castings;

9. Air pressure pouring is more beneficial to the filling and feeding of liquid metal materials, and improves the relative density of textile castings;

10. Composition pouring, multiple servings in one box, further improving the export rate and productivity of the processing technology of sewing castings.

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