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How to improve the quality of stainless steel precision castings

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-01-22

Stainless steel precision castingParts are a forging process with little or no drilling. It is an excellent production process in the foundry industry and its application is very common. The use of universal and its quality requirements will also become higher and higher, so in general, what methods do we use to improve its quality?

1. Overall planning of abrasive tools: The surface solution of aluminum alloy die castings first starts with the abrasive tools. The surface of the abrasive tools is cleaned, that is, the surface is washed with sandpaper and then brushed with nitro-based paint. For high-precision castings Metal materials or injection molds.

2. Overall planning of the system process: Strictly control the system process. Before closing the box, ensure that the appearance and sand core are at a temperature. When pouring, ensure the fluidity of desolubilization. For areas with uneven surfaces, use Foseco ISOMOL300 alcohol-based zirconium Powder architectural coatings are fired and baked after painting.

3. The overall plan of the arc: In order to prevent white holes during the forging of the stainless steel plate, in addition to the technical advice method, the wall thickness must not be too thin. When the wall thickness is about 15mm, use the metal material type forging It is often necessary to use arcs at the corners of castings;

4. Overall wall thickness planning: Because the metal material heat pipe dissipates heat quickly, the smaller wall thickness of stainless steel plate forging should be larger than that of sand mold forging castings. Various forged aluminum alloys and different sizes The forging of smaller wall thickness.

5. Overall plan for grinding and polishing: remove burrs and burrs during the grinding and polishing stage, and carry out grinding and polishing to solve the unevenness of the surface, resulting in excessive lubrication. The castings after quenching and tempering are processed by grinding, polishing and polishing. The size distribution of steel balls is 0.85~1.4mm, and the strength is HRC40-50.

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