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What are the industrial requirements for stainless steel precision casting?

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-01-03

Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.:Stainless steel precision castingAs a leader in the global foundry industry, as a high-tech industry in the foundry industry, it means that precision castings must give full play to its leading role and exemplary role. Therefore, precision castings in my country have been vigorously developed, and the development trend must be a clear strategy The overall goals of the policies and development trends are as follows for everyone to share the industrial chain of stainless steel plate precision castings:

The first is to change the improvement methods from labor and resource labor intensive to technical capital intensive, from extensive environmental pollution to emerald green intensive. The quality, type, and total number of products are very good in terms of global excellence. The proportion of high-quality raw materials has increased rapidly, and the productivity and economic benefits of all precision casting plants have doubled; air pollution has been reasonably rectified, and China's foundry raw material industry chain software that is in harmony with the natural environment has been basically built.

Second, produce some reasonably configured product R&D education and training centers with high overall level of technology transfer and integration, which can continue to transport compound talents to the company, continue to develop and design high-quality, high-end forging raw materials, and consider the increasing emphasis on forging raw materials. In addition, gradually increase the scope of technical imports and exports.

Third, it is necessary to carry out industrial transformation and upgrading to replace a group of small and medium precision casting factories with low technical strength, poor product quality, serious environmental pollution, and poor economic returns, and produce relatively centralized "small and medium giant pictures" and "Big Star Company" maintains "systematic and industrialized" manufacturing.

The key to the industrial chain regulations of stainless steel precision castings is the several regulations detailed above. People must consider the above industrial chain regulations when stainless steel precision castings are made.

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