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Common casting methods of silica sol precision casting

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-01-03

Pouring forming is a very critical process for silica sol forging, so what are the common ways of pouring silica sol precision casting?

The following net is compiled for everyone to share the common casting methods of silica sol precision castings as follows:

1. Crystalline under working pressure. Put the shell into the working pressure tank for pouring. After finishing, immediately close the pressure tank, and enter high-pressure gas or rare gas into the tank to condense the casting under the working pressure to expand the relative density of the casting.

2. Vacuum pump breathing pouring. Put the mold shell in the vacuum pump pouring box, extract the vapor in the cavity according to the fine porosity in the cavity, so that the shape memory alloy can fill the cavity as soon as possible, copy and paste the cavity, and improve the precision of the casting. Avoid the shortcomings of vent holes and insufficient pouring. This type of method is more common overseas.

3. Pouring by thermal force. It is a common pouring method, that is, after the shell is removed from the calciner, it is poured at high temperature.

4. Fixed item crystals. For some investment castings, such as turbine engine leaves, magnetic tiles, etc., if their crystal structure is columnar crystals sorted in a certain orientation, their work characteristics can be improved a lot, so investment casting fixed crystal technology is rapidly gaining development trend.

The key to the common pouring methods of silica sol precision castings is to introduce the four in detail. Everyone can choose the suitable pouring method.

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