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The cause of the cold barrier in the silica sol precision casting process has been dealt with

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-01-14

Silica sol precision castingIn the whole process, if carbon structural steel castings have cold barrier problems, not only their specific performance is ugly, but the total iron binding force of its internal metal composite materials will also be weakened, which will immediately seriously threaten the process performance of iron castings. Therefore, if this happens , It is necessary to immediately find out the reasons for the difficulties, and then make corresponding repair and preventive measures to reduce the probability of damage to the iron castings.

Cold barrier problem: The gaps between the metal composite materials with lower temperature are connected but not welded. They are arc-shaped and have two types of penetration and non-penetration. They tend to develop under the harm of external forces.


1. The metal composite liquid concrete has low pouring temperature or low mold temperature.

2. The alloy composition of carbon structural steel castings does not meet the specified requirements, and the circulation is poor.

3. The molten metal material is filled into strands and the melting is poor.

4. The glue inlet is unscientific and the steps are too long.

5. Low filling rate or poor exhaust pipe.

6. The injection pressure is slightly lower.

Comply with preventive measures:

1. When the goods become black, with the gas mark, appropriately increase the concrete pouring temperature and the mold temperature, and observe the mold temperature to reduce the spraying of industrial coatings.

2. Change the alloy composition to improve circulation.

3. See the injection of molten aluminum for hot mold parts, and the cold partition caused by the collision of the metal composite material is generally vortex-like, with gas marks. Improve the filling position of the glue inlet system software and the glue inlet. In addition, a slag bag can be set at the edge of the casting to improve the filling standard.

4. With the false report of proximal pressure, change the position and cross section of the rubber inlet, improve the overflow specification, and expand the overflow flow.

5. Change the flow rate of the metal composite material to increase the injection speed.

6. The overall working pressure of carbon steel castings is uncertain, and the specific pressure should be increased (not selected as much as possible). It is proposed to change to standard large-tonnage machinery and equipment.

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