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The development trend of medium temperature wax casting method

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-09

Medium temperature wax castings should be stored and placed under temperature control, otherwise they will deform, and the temperature will become sour and soft. People generally store it for no more than a dozen days, or more than a month, and every item beyond a month must be monitored. Process performance of medium temperature wax material: dominated by rosin-wax based mold material and filling mold material, melting point 70-100 degrees Celsius, suitable for castings with higher specifications and surface requirements, generally stainless steel plates and Ligao alloy steel products Apply mold material.

Dewaxing with steam or microwave heating. Wax material can be recycled. Centrifugal impeller medium temperature wax silica sol forging company's overall business scale is small, the foundation of enterprise innovation ability is weak, and management capabilities are outdated; technical labor-intensive products are significantly behind more developed industrial production countries; from this, we can see the precision castings in my country The standard is still very outdated. In addition to seeing this problem in my country's precision casting industry, the existence of advantages has also improved the precision castings in our country. In order to deal with the left and right problems, nowadays, a high-tech trend of learning technology, improving literacy, solving problems, and dedication is prevailing in my country's precision casting machinery and equipment companies. Technical engineers use their spare time at night to give lectures by technical backbones, intensive discussions, learning exchanges, and mutual improvement, including processing technology manipulation, equipment maintenance management, and production process flow.

The overall strength of the development of precision casting equipment reflects the development trend of the main production force with reliable characteristics. In the whole process of gradual improvement of the actual effects of the product characteristics, the improvement of the overall strength in the application is concentrated. In the whole process of improving the overall strength of the application, the promotion of the overall level of machinery and equipment is maintained, the overall performance of the product characteristics to the actual level is fully utilized, and the improvement of its product quality is accelerated, and the actual effect of the advantages of product utilization and quality work ability . There are three types of wax materials for investment casting: ultra-low temperature wax materials, medium temperature wax materials, and high temperature wax materials.

The medium-temperature wax distributors explained in detail that the process performance of medium-temperature wax materials: dominated by rosin-wax-based mold materials and filling mold materials, with a melting point of 70-100 degrees Celsius, suitable for castings with higher specifications and surface requirements, generally Mold materials for stainless steel plates and Ligao alloy steel products. Dewaxing with steam or microwave heating. Wax material can be recycled. The difference between medium temperature wax precision castings and ultra-low temperature wax forging is as follows: medium temperature wax precision castings are matched with silica sol shell processing technology, while ultra-low temperature waxes generally cooperate with sodium silicate shell processing technology.

The shrinkage of medium-temperature wax casting is larger than that of ultra-low temperature wax, because the ultra-low temperature wax paste contains water vapor. At that time, the development trend of airline jet engines required the production and manufacture of heat-resistant alloy parts such as leaves, centrifugal impellers, nozzles, etc., with precise specifications and smooth surfaces. Because heat-resistant alloy raw materials are difficult to machine and manufacture, and the parts are so complicated that it is impossible or difficult to manufacture in other ways, it is necessary to find a new high-precision forming and processing technology, so as to take advantage of the widespread loss of antiquity Wax casting, after the improvement of raw materials and processing technology, the contemporary medium-temperature wax casting method has basically obtained the key development trend of the ancient processing technology.

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