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Give you the reason why you have to choose the precision casting method

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-16

stainless steelPrecision castingThe process is to make a solid model with wax, wrap a layer of refractory insulation materials such as clay on the surface, heat the wax to melt and discharge, and then obtain an empty shell produced by the refractory insulation material, and then melt the metal material and pour it into the shell , After the metal material is cooled, the refractory insulation material is smashed to obtain a metal mold. This kind of processing technology for producing and processing metal materials is called precision casting. So what are the benefits of this forging method?
1. The integration of precision castings covers a wide range, and will not be limited by the specifications, thickness and complexity of the castings, and the production and manufacturing methods are convenient
2. It can use common raw materials, and can use a lot of scrap metal and renewable energy. Compared with general forging methods, its usage is getting less and less.
3. Castings have a certain degree of precision and small feed, which saves production and processing time and metal composite materials.
4. Low cost, good comprehensive economic development characteristics, low energy consumption and low consumption.
5. Ability to forge nickel-based alloy castings, such as jet engine leaves, streamlined contours and refrigeration chambers that cannot be produced according to CNC machining technology. However, the technicality of precision castings can not only maintain mass production, ensure the consistency of castings, but also prevent the residual knife marks after production and processing.
6. Investment casting has high specification precision and surface smoothness, which can reduce the labor of mechanical processing and manufacturing. Highly specified parts can be considered with only a small amount of feed. Even some castings can be manufactured without mechanical processing, leaving only grinding and polishing capacity. It can be seen that the precision casting method can save a lot of CNC lathes and production processing time, and greatly save the metal material raw materials.

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