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Why should stainless steel precision casting be processed at high temperature

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-25

Stainless steel precision castingIn the whole process of manufacturing, due to the small size of the connecting belt, it will make its physical properties good. The stainless steel plate precision casting can reasonably consider its flowability and not produce bright crystals at a certain level. The general temperature is 715~740℃.
The cracks of the round ingots of precision castings of stainless steel plates tend to be relatively low, so that there will be a reasonable level to ensure that the aluminum alloy has its excellent exhaust pipe feeding ability, and it can be used in a reasonable order. Standard, can reasonably increase its relative density during application, and its forging temperature is generally higher.
The manufacturing temperature of stainless steel plate precision castings can reasonably ensure that the melt will have very good fluidity during the whole process of refilling. The machine and equipment must be based on it in the whole process of selecting the forging temperature. Some factors such as the interval of transfer and the temperature reduction during the whole transfer process should be reasonably clarified. The application temperature of stainless steel plate precision castings is reasonable to ensure that the solution will have very good fluidity during the whole process of transferring. The temperature of stainless steel plate precision castings should be selected according to the distance of transferring, the temperature reduction condition of the whole process of transferring, and aluminum alloy , Specifications, models, total flow and other elements to clarify.
The physical properties of stainless steel precision casting are higher than that of pig iron during the whole process of application. However, the characteristics of pig iron will be worse for such raw materials. Stainless steel precision castings are melting points during the whole process of manufacturing. Relatively higher than other raw materials.

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