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Some basic knowledge of silica sol precision casting in processing

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-25

Silica sol precision castingThe development trend in my country is relatively late, and the requirements for precision in the manufacturing process are relatively strong. Silica sol precision castings should improve their mastery of precision casting technology in terms of basic knowledge and social practice activities. In the process, make up for the basic professional knowledge one after another.
Silica sol precision castings will cause a lot of small molecular water gas and plastic foam ash. These compounds are harmful to the human body. In normal work, workers must strictly abide by the operation instructions, whether it is the operation process or the auxiliary. The safety precautions must be carried out in accordance with regulations. In the production process of silica sol precision castings, the operation steps are mastered, and the work planning is carried out with careful and serious work initiative and safe production. The mold material immediately hurts the quality of the surface layer of the goods when it is used, but the loose point is low, the tensile strength is not high, it is a low-temperature mold material, and the linear shrinkage is quite large. In response to this situation, everyone has made improvements and the design and development of new mold materials.
Silica sol precision castings can appropriately increase the temperature of their concrete pouring during the manufacturing process, and minimize the distance between the ladle nozzle and the cup of the glue inlet during operation, and the concrete pouring must be effectively reduced during use. Speed, it will promote the smooth filling of the metal composite material liquid and prevent it from getting into the gas.
The mold shell of silica sol precision casting must be adequately burned, and all high temperatures are required. The silica sol and ethyl silicate shells are 960-1300 degrees Celsius, and the sodium silicate mold shells are 900-800 degrees Celsius; to ensure the precision casting mold shell burning Permeable, gas-producing compounds are fully eliminated.

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