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Common methods to reduce oxidation of stainless steel casting

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-03

When people use stainless steel for casting, milky white black spots usually appear after the anodic oxidation treatment film dye. The reason for this situation is that aluminum alloy die-casting parts are loose in structure, high in porosity, and contain a variety of metallic materials and non-metallic material residues, so the quality of air oxide film is usually difficult.

Therefore, the way to prevent environmental pollution of aluminum alloy die castings is the high working voltage and high current intensity impact method, that is, high voltage electric shock is selected in the early stage of air oxidation of aluminum alloy die castings, and the part that has been oxidized by air is connected to another piece according to the high voltage electric shock. The surface grinding and polishing method fills the gaps left by the air oxidation of the polished aluminum, so that the resulting gaps are connected together and serve as a highway bridge.

Or the surface shot blasting method. This type of method is to strike the gap with a round-head hammer, and close it according to the strike, which can exceed the goal of a continuous piece. People should choose the corresponding matching method according to the level of environmental pollution of aluminum alloy die castings. If the manufacturer wants to produce qualified aluminum alloy die castings, it must have a set of scientific research processing technology content, and the work content that the staff should strictly implement in the entire processing process.

A qualified aluminum alloy die-casting processing technology is calculated through continuous experimentation and exploration. Therefore, a sound production process is important for the production of high-quality qualified castings. The production process is formulated by the processing technology staff and carried out by the staff masters. The processing technology staff must strictly implement the processing technology formulation rules when developing the processing technology. After the processing technology staff conducts detailed review by the superior leadership, Only then can it be implemented by the employees.

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