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How does medium temperature wax casting remove water

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The middle temperature wax casting cooperates with the silica sol shell processing technology, and the key is the epoxy resin wax. So how does the middle temperature wax precision casting remove water? Dewaxing axe-filter tank-steam dewatering machine-in addition to plastic buckets-stationary bucket-wax injection machine, the wax water for wax injection machine has a high water content, and the bottom end of the wax storage tank of the wax injection machine can release turbid water out The company has used this method for two years, and now I wonder if the raw materials are not good.

The medium temperature wax precision casting process is concise and clear as a fusible solid model made of fusible raw materials, and several layers of specially made fire-resistant architectural coatings are coated on it. After drying and hard bottoming, a general shell is produced. Then use steam or boiling water to melt the solid model from the shell, and then place the shell in the sand box, fill it with dry sand modeling design around it, and then put the metal mold into the calciner to undergo high temperature sintering. In addition, due to the strong coordination ability of the processing technology, forming looks very easy, and the net weight of parts can be significantly reduced, thereby greatly reducing production costs. In addition, it is also very beneficial to saving and environmental protection. The specifications and process performance of the medium temperature wax are clear according to the technical standards of the sample drawing, in terms of specifications.

Medium temperature wax casting

It should be based on the wax mold shrinkage rate, aluminum alloy shrinkage rate, and thermal expansion coefficient of the mold shell. In addition, considering the on-site processing technology standards, the comprehensive linear shrinkage rate should be determined according to the test. There are many differences in the forging process of Eastern and Western bronzes. This seems to be known to everyone. As everyone knows, looking at it now, there are still many vague and even incorrect understandings. The fundamental reason for the misjudgment of lost wax processing technology in the Bronze Age may depend on this.

With full consideration of this point, people intend to analyze and sort out the differences between the eastern and western copper forging processes from the perspective of metallurgical industry history. The purpose is to stabilize the ambient temperature in the powder form of the forming cylinder within the temperature range required for forming from 98 to 120°C. Since the laser generator is calcined in powder form at the beginning, the heat accumulation in the forming master cylinder is relatively small, so the electric heater must be heated by power. After a certain number of stacked layers of laser calcination, the forming master cylinder has a certain amount of heat accumulation, so the output power of the electric heater is reduced, which can ensure the temperature stability of the forming part when forming on the left and right sides, which is beneficial to avoid thermal expansion at the bottom and improve the forming quality .

Medium-temperature wax, when the candle burns, it releases heat to make the solid low-temperature candle underneath to be contained, sucked up by the candle wick, and heated by the upper fire to be heated, vaporized, and ignited, thereby generating a circulatory system. Candles are flammable, but candles have melted before the temperature exceeds the ignition point. Therefore, under normal circumstances, solid paraffin cannot be ignited, but liquid or vapor paraffin can be ignited. For the problems that arise in the whole process of sand casting, it can be immediately and quickly found and dealt with. The whole process of investment casting is complicated and difficult to control. The application and consumption of raw materials are expensive, so it is suitable for complicated manufacturing and precision regulations. High, or there is no way to carry out other production and processing of small and medium-sized parts, such as turbine engine leaves.

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