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Stainless steel precision casting treatment

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Everyone should understandStainless steel precision casting, Do you know how to solve the mirror glass of stainless steel precision castings? If you want to know, please follow the net editor to read it together

In order to further strengthen the strength and smoothness of stainless steel plate precision castings, mirror glass must be solved, and in order to make this process more in line with regulations, what disadvantages must be removed when the aluminum alloy die castings are solved?

According to experiments, the hydrochloric acid air oxide film is a key element that harms the transparency of the air oxide film of aluminum alloy die castings. Its thickness, porosity, purity, and sealing quality are all immediately mirrored to the casting. The actual effect of glass causes interference. For example, when the air oxide film contains more residues, its purity will be low and the clarity of the cylinder will be reduced.

Therefore, to ensure the actual effect of the mirror glass of aluminum alloy die castings, it is necessary to reduce the residual water content in the air oxide film. Therefore, the thickness, porosity, purity, and sealing quality of the film must be manipulated effectively, and the errors should be solved as much as possible. Cause adverse effects. The residue in the air oxidation film is mainly derived from the aluminum alloy die casting itself, and part of it comes from the air oxidation bath. Therefore, moderately reducing the water content of the aluminum alloy element in the casting can reduce the residual water content as much as possible. In addition, reducing the impurity positive ions in the bath and maintaining the freshness of the bath can also improve the purity of the air oxide film. It is not difficult to see that it is necessary to successfully process the mirror glass of aluminum alloy die castings with a certain degree of difficulty. If you want to achieve a good actual effect, it is also necessary to remove various hazardous elements and reduce the actual effect of the processing technology. Give full play to it, and the quality of all aluminum alloy die castings will also improve.

After the detailed introduction of the net knitting, everyone has a clearer understanding of the mirror glass solution of stainless steel precision castings.

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