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Technical introduction of stainless steel precision casting

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-11

Old styleStainless steel precision castingThe production line of the shock or shock compression molding machine is not high enough, the labor efficiency of the staff is high, the noise is large, and it is not suitable for many manufacturing regulations, and it should be gradually updated in many aspects. For small and medium-sized castings, the production line of the boxless high pressure molding machine that can be used for horizontal clinical diagnosis or vertical clinical diagnosis can be selected, and the solid shape design has high productivity and small area; for medium parts, various types of boxes can be used The high-pressure molding machine production line and air-punch molding design line are integrated into the requirements of rapid and high-precision molding design production line. The core-making methods can be high-efficiency core-making methods such as cold core boxes, hot core boxes, and shell cores. Medium-level large-volume large and medium-sized precision casting stainless steel plates can consider the use of epoxy resin self-hardening sand for modeling design and core making. For the two super-heavy castings manufactured in small batches, hand-made modeling design is still the key method. Hand-made modeling design can incorporate a variety of complicated regulations, which is more convenient, and does not require many processing technology weapons and equipment. Can use sodium silicate sand mold, VRH method sodium silicate sand mold, organic chemical ester sodium silicate self-hardening sand mold, light clay dry type, epoxy resin self-hardening sand mold and concrete sand mold, etc.; for two super heavy castings produced The pit shape design method is low-cost and quick to put into operation.

Forging methods such as low pressure casting, aluminum die casting, and centrifugal casting are only suitable for mass production due to the relatively expensive prices of machinery and abrasive tools. The standard method should be suitable. For example, it is the production of large and medium-sized CNC lathe bed bodies and other castings. Generally, the core assembly design method is used, and the shape and sandbox are not made. The core is assembled in the pit; and other processing plants use sandboxes. Modeling design method to make a look.

Different companies have different manufacturing standards, manufacturing habits, and accumulated work experience. Based on this standard, consideration should be given to what products are suitable and unsuitable. Precision requirements and costs The precision of castings obtained by various forging methods is different, the initial project investment and output rate are not consistent, and the final economic benefits are also different. Therefore, to ensure more, fast, better, and economical, it should be applied to all fields. Solve the forging method used and carry out a step-by-step cost estimate to clarify the forging method that is high in economic benefits and can ensure the prescribed forging of castings.

The technical standards of precision casting stainless steel plates are introduced here in detail for everyone today. Yantai Ruifeng Precision Castings Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in lost wax investment casting, precision casting stainless steel plates, precision casting hardware, forged parts, and selects excellent silica sol processing technology to produce various valve bodies, pump casings, and connections Parts, centrifugal impellers, pipes and other mechanical equipment commodities. The materials include stainless steel plates, carbon steel and alloy steel. According to engineering drawings, test products, and physical models, customers can show one-stop services from product discussion, design plan, mold processing, processing technology shaping, and product production and processing.

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