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Which state of stainless steel precision casting is not allowed for welding operations

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-18

Must be used in industrial productionStainless steel precision castingThere are many places, but because some products do not meet the requirements, the actual operation of electric welding is not allowed. If you rush to the actual operation, it will always cause product quality problems in steel parts. In order to prevent the problems from becoming more serious, the standards for aluminum alloy die castings that cannot be welded by electric welding must be grasped in all directions, and then can be selected for production purpose Processing technological process.

Customers have very high precision requirements for precision castings of stainless steel plates. Electric welding is absolutely not allowed unless the requirements are met. For example, some areas clearly stipulate that electric welding is not allowed in engineering drawings. There is also a situation, that is, the aluminum alloy die casting itself has product quality problems, and it cannot be welded by electric welding, including water seepage in the water pressure test of the casting; there are cavitation holes on the surface, which are not acceptable. Ensure the quality of castings after electric welding.

In addition, if a certain part has already been welded by electric welding, it cannot be welded again by electric welding, which will endanger the quality of aluminum alloy die castings and even its practical effects. This kind of regulation must be kept in mind, and you must be careful to solve it when you encounter it.

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