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Advantages of stainless steel precision casting

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Stainless steel precision castingThe advantages

The advantages of aluminum alloy die castings. Today, my sister summed it up for everyone. It is helpful for those who do not know how to read carefully to improve their understanding of aluminum alloy die castings.

1. Greater design flexibility

This kind of design scheme has greater playability in choosing the shape and size of the casting, especially in the complicated shape and hollow part, and the steel casting can be produced by the unique processing technology of the key casting. It is easy to form and change the shape and can quickly make finished products based on engineering drawings. It can show no response quickly and reduce delivery time.

2. The strongest flexibility and plasticity in manufacturing in the metallurgical industry

You can choose different components and organizational structures to consider the requirements of different new projects. Different heat treatment methods can select physical properties and can apply the characteristics in a wide range and improve solderability and practicality.

3. Improve the compressive strength of the overall structure

Because of the high credibility of the new project, coupled with the reduced fat design scheme and short delivery time, the core competitiveness can be improved in terms of price and economic development.

4. Net weight change in a wide range

Small and medium-sized steel castings may only have 10 grams, while large and medium-sized steel castings can reach several tons, dozens or even hundreds of tons.

Compared with stainless steel precision castings and forged steel parts:

The physical properties of steel castings produced by rolling mills are not very far apart in each direction, and they have advantages over forged steel parts. Interior designers must take into account the characteristics of raw materials in three aspects when developing some new technology product design schemes, which highlights the advantages of castings. Regardless of net weight, volume, and one-time production, steel castings are easier to make complex shapes and non-stressed parts.

Compared with electric welding structure:

In terms of shape and size, electric welding structure is more flexible than forged steel parts, but compared with steel castings, it still has the following defects:

1. It is very easy to deform during the whole process of electric welding.

2. There is no way to produce a streamlined structure.

3. High internal ground stress during the whole process of electric welding.

4. The appearance and credibility of welded components.

Compared with iron forging and other aluminum alloy castings:

Steel castings can be used in a variety of working standards, and their physical properties are better than other aluminum alloy castings.

When you need high tensile strength or daily dynamic load components, key high-pressure vessel castings, and key components that bear heavy loads at low or high temperatures, people should choose steel castings. As everyone knows, the vibration absorption, wear resistance and handling of steel castings are not as good as iron castings, and the cost is also higher than iron castings.

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