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Determinants of corrosion resistance of stainless steel precision casting

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All metal materials react with the co2 in the air and produce an air oxide film on the surface. Regrettably, the compounds produced on general carbon steel undergo air oxidation again, causing rust to continue to develop, and finally to produce holes. It is possible to use paint or air oxidation resistant metal materials to carry out the electroplating process to ensure the carbon steel surface, but, as everyone knows, this kind of maintenance is only this kind of plastic film. If the thickness of the protective layer is destroyed, the steel underneath will just start to rust.

Stainless steel precision castingThe corrosion resistance of chromium lies in chromium, but because chromium is one of the components of steel, the maintenance methods are different. When the amount of chromium added exceeds about 11.7%, the air corrosion resistance of steel can be significantly improved, but when the chromium water content is higher, although the corrosion resistance can still be improved, it is not significant. The reason is that when chromium is used to carry out fine-grain strengthening of steel, the type of surface compound is changed into a surface compound similar to that produced on pure chromium metal materials.

This kind of inseparable chromium-rich compound maintains the surface layer and avoids deep air oxidation. This kind of air oxide layer is very thin, and the natural gloss of the steel surface can be seen through it, so that the stainless steel plate has a distinctive surface. Moreover, if the surface is destroyed, the steel surface that is ubiquitous will go to the air to reflect and carry out its own maintenance, again producing this kind of compound&"plating layer GG", and once again maintain the effect.

Therefore, allStainless steel precision castingAll have this mutual characteristic, that is, the water content of chromium is about 10.5%.

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