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Surface cleaning of stainless steel precision casting products

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-10-17

There are usually a variety of methods, including dry hair and wet hair. Dry hair removal means to use a shot blasting machine. The wet cleaning methods are electro-hydraulic sand cleaning, hydroelectric sand cleaning, and water cleaning.

1.Stainless steel precision castingDry hair removal on the surface of the product

Dry hair removal includes friction removal and shot blasting and shot blasting. The key is that the friction removal has high efficiency and low actual effect. To put it plainly, dry cleaning usually refers to shot blasting to remove rust and shot blasting. Shot blasting is air compression as the driving force, which sprays steel balls to the surface of the steel at a rapid rate to eliminate dirt on the castings. Shot blasting is more convenient, which is a more reasonable filling for shot blasting rust removal. Shot blasting rust removal uses a shot blasting machine to spray steel balls to remove surface residues of castings.

2. Surface wet cleaning of stainless steel precision casting products

Sand cleaning by electro-hydraulic machine refers to the cleaning of the cover under the effect of electric working pressure. Its basic concept is the effect of hydraulic hammering. It uses high-pressure single-pulse firing to carry out charging and discharging according to the unique electrical level in the water, resulting in quite large Liquid power. Because the vibration frequency of the dirt on the surface of the precision casting is different from that of the metal material, the purpose of cleaning the sand is obtained.

Hydropower sand cleaning refers to the method of using high pressure water input by a high-pressure water pump to produce high-pressure water jets through the spray nozzle of the spray gun, and to shoot sand and sand cores on the surface of the casting to carry out sand cleaning.

Water cleaning is to hoist the required temperature of precision casting products with sand into a reservoir, and the water entering the hot sand mold and sand core will vaporize when heated, and then the vaporization and steam of the water will be heated again, and the working pressure Continuously ascending, the sand mold and sand core "collapsed" from the surface and inner wall of the casting, and then exceeded the goal of sand removal.

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