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Problems encountered in stainless steel precision casting

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-09-19

Facing the export of precision castings, but because of low cost, high quality and low international market competitiveness, LinyiStainless steel precision castingThe production factory cannot achieve self-sufficiency in the production of mold materials. In this case, it is necessary to produce high-qualityStainless steel pipe precision castingParts are very difficult, and there is a contradiction between the actual situation and the production situation of the large belt.

In recent years, my country has introduced many high-quality mold materials and Linyi stainless steel precision casting equipment that are suitable for modern development from abroad. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, foreign mold materials are also developing continuously, with increasing varieties and diversified specifications. . Therefore, facing the arduous task of mold material production innovation, our country is constantly learning the challenge of improving mold material products. Looking back on the past, investment precision casting technology has been advancing and developing continuously. From the initial common low-temperature mold material of paraffin wax rosin to resin mold material, it is a great progress, and a variety of varieties and trend series have appeared.化Enhancement.

The industrial development of polymers is increasing, and the emergence of additives has a great opportunity to become high-quality mold materials. However, due to the strong traditionalization, people are more accustomed to traditional casting wax and do not easily change the mold material. The current market is the coexistence of traditional casting mold materials and more advanced casting mold materials. There are also natural plant casting waxes, which are really diverse. I believe that in the near future, mold materials that affect precision castings will be eliminated by the market, and the precision casting market will usher in a new round of challenges.

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