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Technology and Application of Aluminum Alloy Investment Casting

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With the development of modern heavy industry, the performance requirements for metal materials are constantly increasing. Compared with steel materials, aluminum alloy materials have been widely used in many industries due to their better specific strength, specific stiffness, corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance. Especially in recent years, aluminum alloy investment precision castings Production scale and output have increased rapidly, and a large number of production enterprises have appeared. Just as in the modern aerospace industry, the components required for aircraft manufacturing have higher requirements in terms of quality, strength, and overall structural performance. Aluminum alloy investment castings are used in them, and the utilization of technology development has been extended and developed. In this paper, the technology and application of aluminum alloy investment precision castings are discussed in depth based on actual production.

1Aluminum alloyInvestment castingTechnology and application analysis

1.1Investment manufacturing technology

The nature of the mold material selected for aluminum alloy investment castings and the wax mold will have a greater relationship with the surface roughness. The reason is that the melting point of the aluminum alloy material is low, and the surface of the aluminum alloy liquid will form an oxide film after air oxidation. It is difficult to effectively replicate the tiny holes on the mold wall, so the flatness of the casting surface is poor. In order to meet the needs of modern heavy industry for large-scale castings with thin walls and complex structures, the current technology research and development department has been committed to researching film materials with higher strength and not easy to shrink and deform, such as water-soluble core molding and high-pressure injection of liquid mold materials Technologies such as molding have been rapidly developed, applied and developed. In terms of technical application, the continuous improvement in the production and research of wax pressing equipment, the appearance of large wax pressing machines provides conditions for the manufacture of large investment molded parts, such as the United StatesTEMPCRAFTproducedV-3002Type wax press, the maximum forming force can reach3000kN.

1.2Gypsum investment casting technology

The advantage of plaster investment casting technology lies in its good replicability, so it can be applied to castings that require high dimensional accuracy, but the surface roughness requirements of the castings cannot be too high; hot mold casting for plaster investment casting applications, thermal conductivity It is not high, so thin-walled precision castings with uneven wall thickness can be poured without shrinkage. In the casting of thin-walled and complex-structured large aluminum alloy precision castings, plaster casting is often used. Mold casting technology. The specific operation of gypsum-type investment casting technology is as follows: according to the water-to-powder ratio standard of the gypsum-type mixture, put the required amount of tap water and powder into the container, stir in a vacuum environment, and add water to the container at the same time as the temperature of the water is stirred. At the same time, add other liquid additives such as n-octanol to dissolve into the water, through these procedures to fully ensure the reliability of the process quality. Before dewaxing the solidified gypsum model, it should be left for enough time until the gypsum can be fully hardened. After the plaster mold is drawn, there is no need to dewax, that is, it can be baked. If there is no residual wax in the plaster mold, the250~400°CCalcining can be carried out at a temperature of, and the free water and crystal water can be fully removed.

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