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What are the processing methods of silica sol precision casting?

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-02-13

Silica sol precision castings have a stable production volume of steel castings, and the quality, types and characteristics of stainless steel castings and the proportion of carbon steels and special steels have continued to increase. Selecting a variety of refined processing techniques and technologies to develop and design new-type steel casting raw materials, then people improve the strong ductility and unique characteristics of raw materials. What are the production and processing methods of silica sol precision castings?

The appropriate production and processing methods of silica sol precision castings are as follows:

1. Manufacture abrasive tools based on the appearance of forged parts of silica sol;

2, and then use the silica sol casting mold to produce the same wax parts as the parts;

3. Put the wax mold into a slurry made of silica sol and quartz sand. There is a layer of slurry on the wax mold, which will dry out in the future.

4, dewaxing, the solid model is placed in boiling water, the wax will melt and float on the river surface, leaving the mold shell;

5. Casting.

In the case of silica sol precision castings, we must properly carry out the production and processing of this type of forging. We must carry out production and processing in accordance with the above production and processing methods. Proper production and processing of silica sol precision castings are regarded as people. All must be done.

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