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Introduction to Investment Casting

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 Injection Precision Casting Casting Casting has been used in handicraft production since the 1940s and has been growing at a faster rate for half a century. In addition to the impact of the global economy in the mid-1950s, the overall growth of investment casting in the United States is relatively fast. It is reported that in 1996 the world's investment casting industry accounted for 505% of North America, 25% of Europe, 20% of Asia, and the remaining 5%. In Europe, the UK accounted for 42%, issued 26%, Germany 19%, Italy 7%, and others 6%.

Changes in market structure

The former military products were the main market for investment casting. With the end of the Cold War era, the military products of various countries have been greatly reduced, making the original investment casting industry The market no longer exists, and the period of major structural adjustment within the industry. Investment casting to other markets

1, Civil Aviation: Except for 1991, the total number of civil aircraft in the world is on the rise. The annual rate of increase in the United States is about 4%, and in some regions, countries are rising by 5.8% to 6.2%.

2. Industrial turbine engine: It is a market with great potential for investment casting, which will grow at a rate of 5%-7% per year.

3. Golf Head: In the United States, sales increased from $150 million to 387 million in the three years from 1994 to 1996. Dollar.

4, Valve: The general valve market is saturated, but the specialty alloy valve market in petrochemicals and facilities is still expanding, growing every year. The rate is about 5.6%.

5. Others: Submarine components, environmental protection appliances, computer industry, general machinery, automobile industry, etc. are also important markets.

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