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Introduction of Hardware Pipe Casting Pipeline Connection

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Hardware Casting A pipe connection is used to connect an attachment to a pipe or heating pipe. There are four connection methods for the pipe joint: threaded connection, flanged connection, welded connection and socket connection. The materials used are cast iron, malleable cast iron, cast steel, forged steel, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials. Thread-connecting applications are more extensive, hardware water pipe casting pipeline Type:
1. Outer joint: also known as sleeve, straight. For internal threads, two pipes with the same nominal diameter, or externally threaded fittings and valves, are usually connected. It is the most commonly used connector type. The outer connector has two types of wires and wires. The outer joint of the wire is usually made of a tapered pipe thread or a cylindrical pipe thread; the outer joint of the wire can only be a cylindrical pipe thread. 2. Reduce the outer joint: also known as the deceleration sleeve, the size head. The internal thread of the pipe has different nominal diameters at both ends. 3. Live joint: also known as connecting nut, with electric screw. It consists of two joints and a sealing surface. The sealing surface is located between the two joints and connects the two joints, which makes it easy to assemble and disassemble the joints during maintenance. Place a 2mm thick rubber or rubber asbestos flat washer between the planes where the two joints are in contact to ensure a pipe seal. 4. Elbow: Also known as 90° elbow, curved ruler, elbow. The internal thread is used to connect two pipes of the same nominal diameter to rotate the pipe by 90°. 5. Reduce the elbow: also known as the size of the elbow, the size of the bend. It is used to connect two different nominal diameter pipes or externally threaded fittings and valves to turn the pipe 90°. The diameter of one end of the pipe is reduced. 6.45 ° elbow: also known as straight bend, half bend. It is used to connect two pipes or externally threaded fittings and valves of the same nominal diameter and to turn the pipe 45°.

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