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Hardware and plumbing casting

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With the advancement of the hardware plumbing casting process, it not only developed from the initial use of paraffin-based rosin-based low-temperature mold materials To paraffin-based multi-form materials, but also show a variety of varieties and serialization trends. In particular, the development of the synthetic polymer industry provides a number of alternative additives for the synthesis of model waxes with superior properties. However, due to traditional habits and product tolerances and cost considerations, many manufacturers using cast wax maintain the original supplier (importer) as much as possible and are afraid to change the wax material easily.

Therefore, in the market, you can see the model wax material with advanced performance, you can also see the case where natural animal and plant wax is still used as the casting wax. A variety of wax materials are available. Some manufacturers are rough and arbitrarily manufactured, and do not consider the application and use of the product at all. Some foundries do not have high requirements for the type of wax, but simply formulate the wax material itself, so the defective product rate of the end product is still high. It is believed that over time, model wax materials with relatively poor performance will be phased out and market disruption will improve.

Furnbook Precision There are few founding companies, mainly low-grade precision casting waxes, mostly self-adjusting products. The first tractors in Luoyang are more than 100ton< span="" style="font-family: Calibri;">/year. The domestic market capacity of precision casting waxes reaches, among other areas, 5000ton< pan="">/Year. Low-temperature precision casting wax market consumption is large, about 1000~2000ton/Year, medium temperature precision casting wax is about 100~300t/Year, mainly used for processing castings abroad, casting wax in the Taiwan area. Ningxia, Xi'an area low temperature precision casting wax is about < span="" style="font-family: Calibri;">500~800t /Year, medium temperature precision casting wax100~200Ton/Year.

where , Ningxia Wuzhong Instrument Factory and Xi'an Aero Engine Co., Ltd. Low-temperature precision casting wax self-modulation, medium temperature precision casting wax is mainly imported.

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