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Metal steel precision casting characteristics and mold price

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Gold Steel Precision CastingExcellent casting characteristics. Suitable alloys and suitable casting methods can be determined according to the application criteria, component shape, specification accuracy, quantity, product quality standards, mechanical properties and other levels of standard and economic benefits. Aluminum alloy casting is suitable for casting engine cylinder block, clutch housing, rear axle housing, steering shaft housing, transmission, valve train, high pressure oil pump, water pump, rocker cover, wheel, engine frame, brake caliper, hydraulic cylinder and Non-engine components such as brake discs.  

Alloy Steel CastingWhat equipment is needed? If yes 襄阳 Carbon steel casting requires a mixer, melting furnace, and sand processing equipment. Surface treatment equipment such as sawing and shot blasting is also required in the latter. The key is to see what kind of aluminum alloy casting you want to make. If it is mainly gold type, then there are only metal molds, melting equipment, and related equipment in the back. There are also low pressure casting, die casting, lost foam casting and the like. Except for the melting equipment and the downstream equipment, everything is different.

< span="" style="font-family: 宋体;">alloy steel castingGenerally cast in metal, according to parts There are a number of different sand cores, and the structural features are simple without the use of sand cores. Aluminum alloy casting is divided into gravity casting low pressure casting die casting (high pressure). Sand cores are generally gravity casting and low pressure casting, and high pressure die casting does not allow sand cores to exist. Injection molding is not suitable for aluminum alloy casting, and is generally used for plastic parts.

< span="" style="font-family: 宋体;">alloy steel castingThe surface treatment method uses shot peening. The price of aluminum alloy casting molds depends on what mold factory, 襄阳Civil steel casting tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands is possible, according to the mold material you have determined. The cost of aluminum alloy foundry products mainly comes from the price of materials and the distribution of molds, that is to say the weight of parts X price + mold cost / 10,000 pieces, generally other costs are relatively low, paying workers wages, Management fees, net profits, etc. are generally controlled at around 20-30%.





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