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What to avoid in stainless steel precision casting

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-21

   ;     Stainless steel precision casting is dimensionally accurate due to many factors such as casting structure, casting material, forming, casing, baking and casting. Impact, resulting in dimensional accuracy and required deviations. Casting       The following factors are defects in the dimensional accuracy of stainless steel precision castings as follows:
       1, stainless steel The influence of precision casting structure: the wall thickness of the casting, the shrinkage rate is large, the casting wall is thin, and the shrinkage rate is small. Bay has a large rate of free shrinkage, which hinders shrinkage.
       2, the effect of the mold on the shrinkage of stainless steel precision casting: a. The effect of wax temperature, wax pressure and residence time on the size of the investment is the most pronounced temperature of the wax, followed by the pressure and pressure hold time of the wax. The impact of the investment on the final size of the investment is small. The linear shrinkage of the bay wax (molding) material is about 0.9-1.1%. C. When the investment mold is stored, further shrinkage will occur and the shrinkage value is about 10% of the total shrinkage, but after 12 hours of storage, the investment scale is substantially stable. d. The radial shrinkage of the wax mold is only 30-40% of the longitudinal shrinkage. The effect of the wax temperature on the free shrinkage is much greater than the resistance shrinkage (the optimum wax temperature is 57-59 ° C, the higher the temperature, The greater the shrinkage rate).
       3, the influence of shell material: zircon sand, zircon powder, sanding, power-on powder, due to its small expansion coefficient, only 4.6 × 10-6 / ° C, can be ignored.
       4, the effect of shell roasting: due to the small expansion coefficient of the shell, when the shell temperature is 1150 ° C, only 0.053%, so can can be ignored.
      Making Stainless Steel Precision Casting The main factors of dimensional accuracy defects are the above. We should avoid some of the above shortcomings.

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