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What to pay attention to investment casting

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       a class="{$$0$$}">injection casting usually covers the surface of a high temperature fired soluble pattern refractory after shelling, where the mold is separated, surfaced, and then investment cast, It can be filled by means for discharging a pattern of several layers from the molten shell pattern of the sand. Since the pattern is widely used by wax materials, investment casting is commonly referred to as "lost wax casting (lost wax casting)".

       The investment casting process has many problems in casting defects without considering the details. Due to the amount of gas produced by the gasification of the cast initial cast runner starting from the pattern or the unfilled material, the molten metal is under the water pressure of the polyphenylene, especially the new time of the molten metal foam, lost Ethylene Decomposition Wax Casting It is easy to get the product gas pressure too fast and the molten metal comes out.

       To prevent this, at the beginning of injection molding, the system Can be slowly brought to the water droplets until it is filled with liquid metal casting Made, the casting speed rises faster and better, but it can fill the grid metal cup without leaking as a pointer. When the molten metal reaches the top of the cast cast sand casting pattern or riser in the latter, a substantially closed package is required to keep the metal from being smooth in the riser and rising liquid metal.

       It must be continuous The ground is poured into the molten metal until the mold is completely filled in the investment casting. Otherwise, it is easy to make the cold insulation failure occur in the entire plane where the casting stops.

       Floating metal head loss rate on the surface of high-speed casting, injection casting is a relatively clean cast scum. Some of the lesser-used pharmaceutical equipment, stainless steel precision casting, precision casting machines are usually small and can also be used in foundry subcontractors.


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