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How to make carbon steel precision casting in the future

Edit:Xiangyang Liqiang Machinery Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-10

        carbon casting liquid metal is cast into the metal member of the same shape as the casting model, and forming a cast product during cooling of the casting. Parts molded in this way do not require machining and can be used for small amounts of machining. You can make machine parts.

       Carbon steel precision casting process has a direct impact on many quality characteristics, especially metal Temperature is the dominant factor in the "even" process. If measurement and control are not appropriate, the difference in metal temperature will affect the fill casting size, particle size, porosity (surface and interior), mechanical properties, product quality (ie high temperature heat trend). It will affect. As a result, improved metal temperature measurement and control improves quality and productivity, reduces maintenance and labor costs, and reduces test and liability costs.

       In recent years, the average growth rate of China's mold industry has exceeded 15%, much higher than the average of average GDP. Among them, the precision die casting of carbon steel accounts for about 5% of the total output of various molds, with an annual growth rate of 25%. Luo Baihui, secretary general of the International Model Association, is in line with the rapid growth of China's automobile and motorcycle industry, and has noticed a significant increase in production over the years. Automobiles, especially those closely related to the precision casting industry, are growing rapidly, and the demand for complex precision casting molds is also increasing. Casting as an important supporting industry - the prospect of the foundry mold industry. As the economy continues to grow, the rapid growth of the machine tool industry maintains and promotes the development of foundry molds, and the development of quality and mold manufacturing will reduce our cost increase and the production of mold technology in the carbon steel foundry mold market is extremely active. As well as reducing the revenue of molds, the export of mold exports can be gradually opened to foreign markets will become the main driving force carbon steel precision casting industry development, the domestic automotive industry should It is the next few years.


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